Matt Lovett

Matt Lovett was educated at Sir William Robertson High School. It was there that he began selling sweets in the school playground to fund his first website British Rewards at the age of 13 which later rebranded to WOW Cashback, with over 200,000 members.

In 2007 he founded WOW Media with its first few websites launching, including such names as WOW Cashback, WOW Hosting and WOW Voucher Codes. Towards the end of the year he launched WOW Free Gifts and within the first month the site got members in over 150 different countries around the world. Quickly after Matt finished school, WOW Media began turning over more than £25,000 a month, opened its first offices and started recruiting.

WOW Media has now expanded internationally and is running over 6 websites. WOW Media’s core focus is online advertising and has worked with over 200 advertisers including, DoDo Australia, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Nielsen.

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Matt Lovett winning an award for WOW Media
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