WOW Images – BETA

Hey everyone,

WOW Images BETA has launched! You can host images on WOW Images totally free and it instantly gives you all the different codes so you can easily insert your pictures on websites, forums, emails and more!

WOW Images features:
1. Its FREE to use
2. Faster loading than photobucket
3. NO adverts
4. Unlimited Storage
5. 500kb limit for anonymous uploading, 4mb limit for registered users
6. supports .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, and .ICO, (.ico you have to pay for on some image hosting sites, and others don’ t suppor t it! no more uploading to a file host, keep your icons with your pictures!)
7. Pictures have unlimited lifetime
8. Make yourself a Private or Public Gallery
9. Rate other members pictures
10. Use our Invision Board new topic script to upload your images in your forum
11. Report Images that aren’t appropriate for the site
12. Take a look at random images
13. View User Galleries
14. Short URL for your uploads, just etc
15. Automatically generates your image codes
16. Upload from a URL as well as from your Computer

This a Free Service for users of WOW Media, you can try out the service at


Matt Lovett