Losing our .EU Domain Name

Since 2007, WOW Media’s corporate site and email has operated from the domain name wowmedia.eu, unfortunately on the 29th March the news broke that the European Commission plan to stop UK businesses using .eu domain names, following plans for the UK to leave the EU.

Not only is there a cost involved in moving to a new domain name, the cost of reprinting marketing material, SEO impacts etc – before all that you actually need a domain name to move the website over to. Thankfully in 2011 we purchased the domain name wowmedia.net with plans to move over to this domain name due to us expanding outside of Europe, however due to the cost and SEO impact this would have we, never ended up moving over to this.

This news came as a huge surprise not only to us but even EURid, the registry manager for the .eu domain name. It is really disappointing to see the European Commission act in such a detrimental way to businesses based out of the UK. Whilst from what we understand it is still possible this decision could change depending on the deal that is decided between the UK and the EU, as a business we can’t sit idly by waiting to see what happens, having no control over if we get to keep our .eu domain name.

So in preparation of us potentially losing our EU domain name, as of today the WOW Media website is accessible from www.wowmedia.net and any wowmedia.eu links will forward to the wowmedia.net website.

It is important to note our email is still operated from @wowmedia.eu, however we plan to move this over to the wowmedia.net domain name for all our email accounts before the end of May and to set up forwarding so that any emails sent to @wowmedia.eu will still reach us, until the time comes in 2019 when we can no longer renew our .eu domain name.

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