Four Lesser-Known Ways to Market Your Brand

So, you have a brand that you’re looking to get seen by more people online. What do you do? Some of the most obvious marketing techniques will come to mind, like paying for adverts on Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You’ll also likely think about getting featured in a prominent magazine or newspaper, which will lend your whole brand legitimacy. But there are other, lesser-known ways to market your brand, which might be just as effective as the more obvious methods. This article shares four of those, and the ways you can engage in them in 2022. 

Building Links

The internet is a web of interlinked websites. They’re linked through hyperlinks, which users can click in order to be transported to a new website or webpage. And these links aren’t just useful in providing people with new ways to reach your website. They’re also integral to how Google assesses your website, with implications for how high you finish on Google’s search results. 

That matters, because the position of your firm on Google’s search results directly impacts your traffic. So what’s the marketing method here? Well, you’ll want to contact a link building agency that can help build hyperlinks that send back to your website. These will then register with Google’s algorithm, giving it a reason to promote your website up its rankings. 

Email Marketing

The old way of marketing via email has died a death. Spam folders are far more effective than they were five years ago, and they send emails that users would rather not read into what is essentially a dark hole where they’ll never be read. So marketing via emails is seen as something that no longer works, and could end up costing you money with very little return. 

But there are other ways to use email in order to market your brand. One of the most obvious, and profitable, is to only email customers who’ve already shopped with you. Their ongoing relationships with your brand mean that they may well open an email they can see is from you. Furthermore, if you’re offering them a discount and using their name, they’re more likely to pop back onto your website to shop again. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great low risk way to market your brand. If a visitor clicks a link in an email or through a banner ad and purchases your product, you only pay the affiliate a small commission. Paying on a performance basis rather than a one-time basis makes affiliate marketing a low risk way to market your brand.

Offline Events

There’s so much clamor about online advertising that we can often forget just how important it is to be seen in the offline world too. Online companies are by their nature a little suspicious, given that they are faceless and more difficult to trust than an actual store. But the middle ground you can find is to feature at conferences or expositions, sharing images from those events online to show you’re the real deal. 

At these events, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with companies that might make good partners or clients, and show off the very best of your firm to interested consumers. It’s the perfect way to introduce your brand to the real world, while directing people to your website via leaflets and handouts. 

Marketing needn’t be about buying adverts – you can also use these four methods to boost your visibility online and offline too. 

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