WOW Media & COVID-19

Over the past few weeks COVID-19 has unfortunately continued to spread rapidly across Europe and the world. Yesterday the UK Government advised businesses to work from home where possible.

This is something that I think many of us had been anticipating. Due to this we had already started making preparations to close our physical office and have everyone work from home. After today our offices will be shutting for the rest of March and our team will be working remotely.

Rest assured we will continue to operate all the WOW Media websites and services we offer to businesses and consumers.

Many of our team already work remotely due to the nature of our business and last year we moved our entire team to working remotely temporarily due to a fire we had on the ground floor of our office building. Due to this we already have experience with moving our team to working remotely, so this time round it’s been much easier to organise.

Work from home where possible

As the UK Government has advised businesses where possible to work from home in the UK, if possible we would like to remind others to follow and start to work from home when possible. We have seen a huge increase in the amount of businesses working from home as a result of COVID-19 and as a result there are a huge amount of online articles to help make the transition easier.

Instead of putting together another article on tips for working from home we have compiled a list of free software available to businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak to help businesses work from home.

Free business tools available to help businesses work from home

Hangouts Meet – For all current G Suite customers until 1st July you get free access to the enterprise version of its video conferencing tool, Hangouts Meet.

1Password – 1Password is a tool to help you easily manage all your passwords across teams. You can create password vaults to easily share with other team members. 1Password are offering 6 months free on their business plan.

Mailerlite – Mailerlite are offering 3 months free of their email marketing tool to governments, educational and healthcare institutions.

WOW Media offices are now closed but we are still here

Today was the team’s last day in our offices until the 31st March, for all but essential work and meetings that must take place at our offices.

Just before the 31st March we will assess the situation and may continue to work remotely.

Our account managers and support teams will still be on hand during this time via email and phone. We don’t anticipate this making much of an impact on WOW Media’s day to day operations, however we will continue to monitor and assess the situation and make changes when we feel necessary.

Stay safe

The situation with COVID-19 is changing every single day remember to regularly check the official advise from the NHS in the UK or for international visitors the advise from the World Health Organization or your countries government website.

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