Meet The Team – Heather

Heather Profile Alt
Next in the Meet The Team series is Heather!

Famous Quote:
‘Tom Cruise’

What’s your job role?
Account Manager

Favorite part of the job?
The people 🙂

What are your Hobbies?
My family, biking and walking my dog!

What’s your favorite food?
I like sushi 🙂

Favorite drink?
Gin and Tonic

Favorite film?
I’ve got loads, one of my favorite films is Great Expectations, but the film I have seen the most because I’m in love with Tom Cruise is Top Gun.

Favorite Artist?
Again, there’s quite a few, but it’ll have to be Michael Bublé, for the same reasons as Tom Cruise.

Android or iPhone?
I have got a brick, but my preference is an iPhone.

Favorite office moment?
Anything that involves Reece is usually quite funny!

Orange or Blue?
I’ve got to say blue!