Record Year at WOW Media

Last (financial) year was one of the best years at WOW Media and we saw our affiliate network, WOW Trk grow massively.

2013/2014 financial year was a very busy period for us.

Over the year our focus moved to WOW Trk, we have launched a range of unique tools for affiliates, made some massive changes to internal processes to make our service top quality and reliable. We also launched our new mobile game, Mafia Network on over 4 platforms.

At the start of 2014 we moved into our new bigger offices at Fernwood Business Park. It’s a fantastic location and capable to keep up with the growth of WOW Media.

It really has been a fantastic year and this month, we welcomed 2 new members of staff to WOW, Heather and Alick who will be spending their time on managing existing affiliates and bringing in new advertisers for WOW Trk.