Did you know our email addresses have changed?

Back in May 2018, we announced that we may be losing our .EU domain name (which we have used since 2007), when the UK leaves the European Union on the 29th March 2019. Unless you have been living under a rock you will know we still don’t really know what is going to happen on the 29th March.

Due to this, we are continuing with our preparations for losing the .EU domain name on the 29th March.

wowmedia.eu domain may no longer work

What does this mean for WOW Media?

Luckily in 2011, we purchased the domain name wowmedia.net and back in May we made the transition from wowmedia.eu to wowmedia.net. Since then, if you go to wowmedia.eu you are redirected to wowmedia.net.

However, this may change after the 29th March, as we may no longer be able to retain the rights to wowmedia.eu and this redirect may stop. Along with this if you email a contact address that used the domain @wowmedia.eu this may also stop working.

Due to this, we have taken the decision from the 1st February to stop forwarding emails from @wowmedia.eu to @wowmedia.net addresses, ahead of the 29th March date.

From the 1st February instead, you will receive an auto-reply stating this email address is no longer in service and to contact the relevant email address at the wowmedia.net domain name instead. This is to give customers, clients, service providers one last notice that the wowmedia.eu email address may be going out of service if they have not seen other notices about this.

Important – Update your records

If you have been in touch with our support team or an account manager in the past and you have yet to update your records. Please update your records now by simply changing @wowmedia.eu to @wowmedia.net to ensure that your emails still go through to the relevant person or team after the 1st of February.

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