A little refresh…

It feels like only recently we launched the new WOW Media design, when I looked back though, turns out it was nearly four years ago when the new look launched.

I remember being reluctant at the time to change the design but the team convinced me it was needed and to be honest, looking back it really was.

Since the start of WOW Media the site has undergone 4 large website changes, the logo has stayed very similar and this time around it’s not changing at all. To be honest from the outside the website doesn’t look like its changed all that much at all in this update, but it is in fact, a very important update for the future.

2014 vs 2018 Site updates

The 2014 design update still looked great and provided the information it needed to in a quick and easy way, so this update wasn’t about changing the look. From the outside, the website doesn’t look that different (on desktop).

This 2018 (just!) update was more about improving the existing site design. The entire code of the back-end of the site however, has been created from scratch. In order to improve site speed, readability of content and setting up the website for the future to enable quick updates and finally, most importantly updating the site to be fully responsive.

WOW Media website 2014 update
The WOW Media website before the 2018 update.

It was about time we updated the site to be fully responsive. As everyone knows, the percentage of traffic from mobile is increasing every year. The previous version of the site only worked well on a select few devices.

On other news…bye Flickr

Whilst doing the refresh we decided to drop the Flickr section on the homepage. This is something we had been considering for a while. With Instagram now having 10 times the reach of Flickr, it was time we jumped ship to Instagram.

You can follow our new Instagram account here.

It’s a shame to wave goodbye to Flickr, we have used the service since 2009 and shared over 300 photos throughout the years. As our Flickr account is closing we will be posting some of the photo highlights from our Flickr stream on our Instagram over the next week.

Further changes are coming

The new design is live but it’s not finished, we will still be making tweaks to the look over the coming weeks. If you spot any bugs or readability issues, please do contact us so that we can fix it quickly.

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