Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

Remote work has become the new normal since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people find themselves working remotely full time or splitting time between the office, which can make a big difference in people’s lives. There can be many perks to remote work along with a few challenges, but one of the most …

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Four Lesser-Known Ways to Market Your Brand

So, you have a brand that you’re looking to get seen by more people online. What do you do? Some of the most obvious marketing techniques will come to mind, like paying for adverts on Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You’ll also likely think about getting featured in a prominent magazine or newspaper, which will …

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WOW TRK is changing…

It is with a heavy heart that today I am announcing the closure of the WOW TRK affiliate network, almost 15 years since it started. I started the affiliate network back then as Trienta, whilst I was still at school. Since 2006 the affiliate marketing industry has changed massively over the years and whilst we have adapted to …

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WOW Media & COVID-19

Over the past few weeks COVID-19 has unfortunately continued to spread rapidly across Europe and the world. Yesterday the UK Government advised businesses to work from home where possible. This is something that I think many of us had been anticipating. Due to this we had already started making preparations to close our physical office …

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Waving goodbye to Wowingo

Wowingo closing down date

Back in 2013, we welcomed Wowingo to the WOW Media group of websites. Wowingo was our first project into online gambling and in partnership with GameVillage, the site came to life. Wowingo initially offered users free bingo credit when signing up with no deposit required (just like our first Cashback sites did), and it offered …

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A new look for WOW Freebies

WOW Freebies new design banner

Over the past couple of months we have been working on several of our websites ensuring that they work well across a variety of devices (desktops, tablets and mobile devices). A task we have been pushing back for far too long. Last month we launched the refreshed design for the WOW Media site and also …

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Did you know our email addresses have changed?


Back in May 2018, we announced that we may be losing our .EU domain name (which we have used since 2007), when the UK leaves the European Union on the 29th March 2019. Unless you have been living under a rock you will know we still don’t really know what is going to happen on …

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A little refresh…

It feels like only recently we launched the new WOW Media design, when I looked back though, turns out it was nearly four years ago when the new look launched. I remember being reluctant at the time to change the design but the team convinced me it was needed and to be honest, looking back …

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Love TV? Then you will like our latest site!

Our latest project launches today – An idea that I had in 2014 finally comes to reality today! Back in 2014 I bought the domain name because I was sick of trying to find out when American shows would be back on British TV. However, due to projects like WOW TRK taking off …

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Changes to Phone Numbers

WOW Media’s Contact Numbers are Changing We are making some changes to our contact phone numbers this week, with GDPR coming in tomorrow we have been reviewing the providers we work with. The company who were providing our international phone numbers previously have unfortunately been fairly reluctant to provide us with information on their plans …

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